Welcome Aboard

Groupe :
Titre : Welcome Aboard
Format : CD
Notre premier EP, réalisé en 2014 et 2015. Enregistré, mixé et masterisé dans le studio Celestine Records à Pau.
Our first EP recorded in 2014 and 2015. Recording, mixing and mastering done at the Celestine Records studio in Pau (France).

Paroles / Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen!
Please welcome your next leaders
They promise to save the world…
… again!

Be afraid the world is a dark place
Bad news ever thrown into our face
Forget the mistakes of the past
Be a good consumer to the last
Pay our taxes with a big smile
Being used to fund their lifestyle
Their hard work deserves a treat
For governing is no small feat

They all pretend
To make things better
We all attend
Their lust for power
They all pretend
To know things better-
We all just stand
Before their tower

Wow wow wow wow
What’s coming next sure is ugly
Ruining our world just for money
Close our eyes to their devious ploys
Rather buy the latest Apple toys
Deception and lies are their tools
We’re no victims we are just fools
We consent to their election game
We know deep down they’re all the same

Chorus x2

Friday night, it’s hunting time
Tonight he’ll catch some prey
After a few Crown and Coke
Let’s see what’s on display
Gorgeous blond in a red dress
Looks like a perfect mark
Feeling so sure of success
He smiles like a shark

Bridge 1
Come here babe
I’m gonna show you
You can’t imagine
All the things I’ll do to you!

Drains the whiskey, in one shot
Wipes his lips and some snot
Hungry eyes locked on target
Knows she’s on the market
Rubbing crotch against her hip
Waist firmly in his grip
Weak resistance turns him on
No surprise, he’s a moron

Bridge 2
Come here babe
I’m gonna school you
You can’t imagine
All the things I will teach you!

Leave her!
You bastard!
She hates everything about you
Leave her!
You retard!
She won’t ever give herself to you

Doesn’t care about her mood
Fails to see how he could be rude
In his mind, there are no rules
Feeling her curves, he starts to drool
Subtlety is extremely thin
Her recoils widening his grin
This futile dance is now over
Just a breath from humping her

Bridge 3
Come here babe
I’m gonna bend you
You can’t imagine
The pleasure I’ll take from you

Chorus x2

You won’t get it boy
Her knee hits your balls
Your turn to recoil
A punch in your nose
You won’t get it boy!

One day, one day we’ll spin the wheel
The people will prevail
That day we’ll break a whole new deal
And be free again
One day our kids will have
The chance that we did not
And become more than we were!

One day!
One day!
One day we’re gonna dance and play!
One day!
One day!
One day things are going to sway!

One day we’ll claim the hill
And we’ll all be kings
With only time to kill
We’ll cut the strings
Watch the dawn, just feel
The sunshine on our skin
Know the time has come to rebuild!



Chorus x2

Come morning you wake up so tired
Every night you struggle to sleep
Keep thinking about the future
Telling yourself… It’s time.

Run so fast
Run from your past
Wanna change your life
Break out from here… and now!

Run so fast so far so sure
That these choices are justified
(pause) Escape, could be a cure
Telling yourself at least you tried
To be like everyone else
To be like anyone else
But in the end you hate yourself
For leaving your pride… on the shelf!

Run so fast
Run from your past
Taste bitter tears
Chocked by your fears
You think you’ll make it
But you don’t know
What you’re trying to shun

Take a break, find a bench
Recall the kid you used to be
Lust for life impossible to quench
Back then you thought that you would be
Better than everyone else
Better than anyone else
Failure (pause) feels like a smack
Look to the ground… and turn back!

Run unsure
Run from your future
Drown in your tears
Live by your fears
You won’t make it
But now you know
What you’re trying to ditch

Fade away
Your future is yesterday
No change in your life
Look into yourself… You’re dying!

Come evening you lie down so tired
Again tonight you’ll struggle to sleep
Keep thinking about the past
Telling yourself…

Eight-thirty and I’m late
Piece of toast, just a taste
Feel like shit, can’t help it
Bitter sweat sour spit
Time for coffee, no way
Fuckin’ shit spilled the ashtray
I hate these mornings, head throbbing
Hangover and aspirin

The race!
My whole life is a race!
The race!
My fucking life is a race!

Move your ass, the light’s green
One more sec and I’ll be mean
I know a shortcut, next left turn
No! Delivery truck…
Lost ten minutes, to this hell
Park the car I hear the bell
Boss is mad at me, twice this week
Swallow his shit and be meek

Chorus (x2)

Time to go, finally
Please dear God, end this agony
My wife is waiting, half a smile
Empty fridge, she’s hostile
Watching TV, show’s cancelled
Fuck that shit, fuck those channels
I hate these evenings, head throbbing
Some whisky and aspirin

Chorus (x2)
(Guitar solo)
Chorus (x2)

Eight-thirty and I’m late…
Oh shit!